We Provide Ongoing SEO Marketing and Consulting

Search Engine Marketing is split into two categories: On Site Optimization and Off Site Marketing.

On site optimization includes the services that are performed on a web site so that a search engine can read the web site and understand what the web site is about and for what keywords the web site should be indexed in the search engine. So, for instance, if a web site is about embryo research and development, and the on site optimization is done correctly, Google should be indexing the embryosite.com for the keyword phrase "embryo research." However, even though a web site might be indexed for the correct phrases "does not" mean the site will be listed on the 1st page of the results for that keyword phrase. That is where off site marketing is required. To help web sites to get to the 1st page of results.

20% of search engine marketing is the on site optimization that is performed. The remaining 80% is the off site marketing that takes place.

Off site marketing includes services and strategies performed outside the web site that drives search engines to the web site. The more links that are out on the web linking back to the web site, the more times the engines will view the web site and will bring the web site up in the results.

Off site marketing includes the following services:

  • Article creation for the keywords
  • Article submission to directories
  • Press release submission to PR directories
  • Back link building - links from other web sites back to our client's web site
  • Blog monitoring for targeted keywords
  • Social media marketing (such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)

A successful internet marketing strategy MUST employ both on site optimization and off site marketing to drive the search engines back to the web site. The more links on the web back to the web site, the faster the site will move to the 1st page of the rankings.

A strong SEO strategy involves many steps beginning with managing your website’s content and organization, and continuing with offsite factors associated with your website. Careful testing and analysis of these factors determine the next step to take to keep your site ranking high on Google and other search engines.

When done properly, SEO is the best way to improve and maintain your search engine rank over the long term. This method of search engine marketing requires patience, tenacity, time, and a strong understanding of search engine best practices.

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